Below are the steps on how you can send mails using your own domain name and Duocircle's Outbound SMTP service on your Hotmail account.

1.) Go to "Mail Settings" on your Hotmail account and click "Options".

2.) Under "Account" menu, click "Connected Accounts" and then, click on "Other email accounts".

3.) Under "Other Email Accounts", add the account information you want to use. Then, put a check-mark on "Manually configure account settings" and click the "OK" button.

4.) Under "Choose your connection type", select "SMTP send only connection settings", then, click the "OK" button.

5.) Under "New SMTP send only account connection", type-in your Duocircle SMTP username and password, set the Outgoing SMTP server to "" and just leave the Outgoing SMTP port to "587" (default SMTP port for Hotmail). Then, click the "OK" button.

6.) After you successfully added the account, it will already be available under "Connected accounts".

7.) Set the newly added account as the default "From Address" when sending out mails. To do this, you'll need to click the "Change your From Address" option under "Connected accounts".

8.) Then, select the newly added email address and click on "Save" button.

9.) After you've successfully set the newly added email address as the default "From Address", it will already show under "From Address" option.

10.) You can now send test mails and check if the mails you'll send out will already show the newly added email address as the "From Address".

Note: If the newly added email address doesn't show as the default "From address", please try to logout and re-login to your Hotmail account.