Changes at Gmail, Yahoo and others may impact your deliverability - are you prepared for DMARC?

In an effort to reduce spam and spoofing, email providers are moving to a policy that will reject mail sent from outside of their respective servers. This means that if you use a ‘from’ email address from one of these providers, your email will be rejected because it is sent from our servers and not the actual providers smtp servers. While this will help to reduce spoofing and phishing via email, it may also impact your legitimate email sending efforts

Q: What does DMARC stand for?

A: Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance. Learn more at

Q: Which email providers are embracing DMARC policies?

A: Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Microsoft are among the email providers who will use these policies. This means that any email that ends in @yahoo, @aol, @gmail, @outlook, @hotmail, @msn, or @live will have difficulty getting delivered if you send via our outbound SMTP servers

Q: Is this just a DuoCircle problem?

A: No, this is across the industry. If you send email with a FROM address of a domain you don’t control your deliverability will be impacted. 

Q: What can you do other than updating your From address?

A: Ensure that your domain is using an SPF record that included the DuoCircle smtp servers.

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