All SMTP Monthly outbound SMTP accounts require the validation of the sending domain for SPF and DKIM records. 

You will need to login into your Domain registrar or DNS provider and edit the DNS record and follow the instructions below

Sending email with SPF and DKIM will dramatically improve your deliverability. 

  1. Log in to Client Admin Portal

  2. Select the Outbound SMTP Service you wish to verify by clicking it

  3. Click the "Add and verify..." box below to start or click the Sender Doman and DKIM item under the left-hand Configuration menu 573AN8S-TvIOneLA0CDwpSr8qMLFeEqmiQ.png

  4. Click “Add Domain” enter you domain name(s) that you will be sending mail From and click Save


  5. In order to verify SPF and DKIM for the specified domain, Click on the row to open the editing page or you can click on the pencil beside the “x” button


  6. This section you’ll see a heading for SPF and DKIM with helpful labels on each row to show the status

  7. You will now add the following TXT record to your domain via your DNS provider for your domain:
    v=spf1 ~all
    (if your domain already has an SPF record, add just the "" part into your existing record)

    Read more about SPF -

  8. Once Added you can click the Retry SPF Check button to continue. The verification can take a few hours depending on your DNS providers setting, so if it doesn't verify right away - come back in an hour and try again.


  9. You can also check your SPF records at

  10. Once validated you will see a Green Verified label

  11. You can then Click Not Configured to open the box to verify the DKIM record and then click Generate a DKIM key


  12. You will then see the DKIM key values that need to be added, Record Name and Record Text. Take these values and create a new TXT record for you domain via your DNS provider for the domain.

    Once you have created the record click the Retry DKIM Check button in the DuoCircle Portal to confirm the record has been updated

    Troubleshooting: Some DNS providers do not allow for double quotes or spaces in the Record Text so you will need to manually remove the 4x" and any spaces before adding the record, read more...


  13. The DKIM box should show and Verified labels in green now

  14. To start using DKIM you will  need to Turn On Signing - Once verified you are not required to turn on DKIM signing but this is suggested to improve deliverability.


  15. You will now see the Verified label on both the SPF and DKIM on the configuration page


  16. You will also see the status of your sending domain on the Sender Domains & DKIM configuration page


NOTE: DKIM does not need to be Enabled in order for the domain to be considered Valid. As long as the DKIM is verified domain should be able to send mail.